Arkansas Watermelon Festival

| January/February 1989

Box 226 Karnack, TX 75661

This is a short report on the Watermelon Festival at Hope, Arkansas. We had a large crowd of spectators and old engine fans. We had a good turnout of engines and displays. One man brought three wooden model hit & miss engines that ran on compressed air. They were very nice and ran beautifully. Rick Horton had his grist mill and other engines on his trailer. Max Gunnels had his 15 HP Fairbanks Morse and other engines on his trailer. Two members brought original built miniature gas engines that ran beautifully. We had our usual group of engines. I believe we had more dishpan flywheel F-M Z engines than I ever saw at an engine show before. I had my 1? and 5 HP Economy, 1? JD, and 3 HP F-M Z. Several engines were bought and sold during the meet. This engine show was put on by the Rusty Wheels Old Engine Club. I hope someone else sends a better report than I made.

I am trying to start a new engine club in the east Texas area. I would like to hear from anyone wishing to join up.