Arizona Early Day Gas Engine And Tractor Association

| October/November 1992

  • Rows of tractors
    Rows of tractors at the Saquaro Ranch Park show.
  • Kent Reed's Handy Andy
    Kent Reed's Handy Andy after restoration. Kent sure does a great job restoring these old engines.

  • Rows of tractors
  • Kent Reed's Handy Andy

P.O. Box 11673, Phoenix, Arizona 85061

The Arizona Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association held a two day show in February, in conjunction with the Glendale Arizona Centennial Celebration. Thanks to Shawn Lawson and Lorie Miller of Parks and Recreation for helping make arrangements for us to be at Saguaro Ranch Park, Glendale.

There were several crafters, food vendors, bands, a petting zoo, horsedrawn wagon rides, and face painting. Albert Heisenfelt really held the kids' attention with his story telling and drawing, while the kids drew at the same time. He was really great. We had a fenced area for the kids to ride our peddle tractors, which were donated to our club by local agriculture dealers.

Our information booth sold hats, T-shirts, cups, and signed up 12 new members. Our ladies, who are very special, baked and sold pie, cake, cookies, and other goodies. They sold out Saturday, went home and baked more for Sunday. All the men played with their engines and tractors. There were 150 engines and 117 tractors.

We had corn shellers, corn grinders, water pumps, wood saws, light plants, rock crushers, washing machines, milking machines, cream separators, lawn mowers, can smashers, and others. Many engines were beautifully restored and running ever so smoothly. There were model engines of a fraction of horse power to a 25 HP diesel. There were more makes and models than I can mention. Kent Reed, John Phillips, and Bill Adams, our Engine Committee, did a special job of setting up the engine display. Walter Newsome had a great display of old lamps, lanterns, stoves. Gary Grimes had a great display of old jacks, wagon, ratchet and screw type.

After lunch both days there was a tractor parade with a 50 HP Case steam traction engine leading the way, flying the U.S. and Arizona Flags. This was followed by a tractor pull. Antique and Classic on Saturday, Antique only on Sunday. We pulled 82 tractors in three hours with our own weight transfer sled.