| July/August 1979

  • Toy tractors and machinery were displayed by Ron Payne
    These toy tractors and machinery were displayed by Ron Payne.

  • Toy tractors and machinery were displayed by Ron Payne

Macomb, Illinois 61455

On September 2, 3, 4, 1978, the Argyle Antique Gas Engine Association held their second annual show. This was held at Argyle State Park, 2 miles north of Colchester, approximately 60 miles from Quincy and 60 miles from Burlington, Iowa.

My eldest son, Duane, and I took a 1929 GP John Deere tractor and several gas engines. He also had a collection of antique hay forks, carriers and hay making tools. We took our things over to the show Friday evening to set up. There were already several people there with exhibits set up for the 3-day show.

We gave plaques to the people who showed crafts, tractors, gas engines and to those who brought horses and mules. Our plaque had a 25-50 Keck Gonnerman tractor on it. Our buttons displayed a Lawton Lauson Wisconsin side shaft engine. Both of these were on display at the show.

On Monday we had a horse and mule plowing contest. During all three days there was threshing, sawmill running, primitive crafts, blacksmithing, horseshoeing, gas tractors and antique gas engines.

In the plowing contests, there were mules from Illinois and Missouri which had showed against each other at several state fairs.