1965 Antique Tractor Show

The following is a report on the Pioneer Gas Engine Association's 1965 Antique Tractor Show & Reunion in Honeoye Falls, NY.

| January/February 1966

  • Rawleigh Engines
    Here is a picture of my one and one-half horse International GasEngine, which I built into a tractor.
  • Old Gas Engines
    I am fourteen years old. Igot this engine from my uncle. It was stuck so tight that I had tocut a wooden block to drive out the piston.
  • International Gas Engine
    Here is a picture of my Rawleigh 1/2 HP that I have taken apartto repair and paint.

  • Rawleigh Engines
  • Old Gas Engines
  • International Gas Engine

The summer had been unusually dry, and we all wondered if the wheat would be ripe enough to cut and thresh by Reunion time. As it turned out, all the worry was for nothing. This happened at the 1965 Antique Tractor Show & Reunion organized by the Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc., which was held July 30, 31, and Aug. 1st on the  grounds of the Mendon Pioneer Museum in Honeoye Falls, N.Y. The weather was nice; on the cool side with the threat of rain now and then. The much needed rain came at 9:00 Sunday night after the engines were put to bed and almost everyone had left for home.

There were twenty-three gasoline tractors in operation in the daily parades. Among the largest were a 22-44 Minneapolis owned by Harry Schoff of Honeoye Falls; a 1924 Aultman-Taylor 22-45 owned by David Shearns of Marion, N.Y.; and a 1926 cross motor Case 25-45 owned by  Donald Luteyn Sr. of Palmyra, N.Y. Other makes represented were Huber, Oil Pull, McCormack-Deering, Ford-son, John Deere, and Hart-Parr. Harold Ball of Honeoye Falls had his homemade run-about powered with a 4 H.P. International Famous vertical gas engine. He was kept busy giving rides. Other attractions were a 1924 Huber steam traction engine and a Monarch steam road roller, both owned by Harry Schoff.

I have been collecting old Gas Engines for several years. I now have 31; from single cylinder Maytag to 7 hp. Sears. I have several reconditioned and painted in original color and plan to recondition them as time permits. The one on three wheel truck is a Win. Galloway Handy Andy. My wife and I purchased it around 1925 from the Wm. Galloway Co. to operate our wood Maytag washing machine. I think the price was $32.50 plus freight. The wood base that it is on is the original base that came with it. The trucks I picked up in junk yard. Have just given it a paint job. The fly wheels are 10'' in diam.

There were 146 gasoline engines in operation. Some were powering allied equipment, such as generators, corn sheller, feed grinder, water pump, milking machine pump, small baker fan, etc. One of the most interesting exhibits was owned by Dick Wood and son from Livonia. Dick's daughter was dressed in a long dress and sunbonnet, and did her wash many times over with an old washing machine run by a gasoline engine. Dick also had a D.C. generator which lit up several bulbs. It is exhibits such as these that make for an interesting show and attract the visitor's attention.

There were three flatbed trailers loaded with gasoline engines bolted to the floor. This provides an excellent way of transporting the engines and saves time in setting them up. All that is needed is good blocking under the trailer.

A new attraction this year was the 40 H.P. Olin engine, owned by Harry Schoff, who owns the grounds where the Reunion is held. This engine was started, for the first time since Harry had it home, on Saturday. You would have thought the entire place was on fire, with all the smoke from the exhaust. When it was all cleaned out, it ran like a top and one could carry on a conversation between the 'pops'.


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