Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum

| April/May 1986

9152 Hector St., San Diego, CA 92123

We're nearing the end of another successful year in Vista, California, where the California Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Association, Inc. is building a museum.

The California Early Day Association puts on 4 weekends of threshing bee and engine show each year to raise money to build the museum. The shows are always the 3rd and 4th weekends in June and the 3rd and 4th weekends in October. The Club is building the museum in south Guajome Park, Vista, California. The Gaujome Park is a 566 acre Regional Park and the Club has a 20 year lease on 40 acres in the park. We raise wheat, oats, and barley for our threshing bee. We stack the grain we do not use in June and hold it for the October threshing. Our attendance this year was well over 40,000 which certainly helps the Club's goal to get the museum built.

Several new things have happened in the last year so we will give you a little idea of what happened in the next few paragraphs.

Gas engine row completely went through from base up to restore the 3 cylinder Fairbanks-Morse 'Y' engine and for the first time in 50 years it was running at the October show. It is a real attraction for the public to see the fellows start this monster. After heating all three heads and then giving the engine a shot of fuel and air, it is a thrill to see the black smoke belching from the thirty foot high smoke stack. Many thanks go to Walt Erickson, Don Alden, Elmer Mueller and friends for their many hours of work this year.

This year we got the sawmill in full operation. Bert Nintemann has some new young help who he is helping educate on sawmill operations. When we see youngsters like Ron &. Junior Evans, Bryan Klinck, and people like Bert Ninteman and Dale Boss playing together to learn sawmilling, we know that our hobby will continue long after we're gone.