Antique Farm Power Club Show

| June/July 1999

988 W. Mt. Garfield, Muskegon, Michigan 49441 Photos by Ken Peavey

The Antique Farm Power Club Show for 1998 was held June 11-13 at Newaygo County Fairgrounds in Fremont, Michigan. It's the start of a very busy week for the members of The Antique Farm Power Club. What with getting the fairgrounds ready, making sure we have all the people in place for the various chores, and praying for good weather, there is not a minute to spare.

'Hey, didn't I see Fred trying to catch his breath? If he has time to breathe, have him set up those garbage cans.'

'Let's have some help setting up this tent. It says to unroll the canvas like so. Oops! Will somebody see if they can catch that thing before it blows to Newaygo?' This all happened Monday the eighth, before breakfast, and it was up hill from there.

Here it is, the afternoon of the tenth, and we think we have all of our ducks in a row. Not many tail feathers left, an occasional bandaged wing, but, all in a row.

At this point, it all seemed to be worth the effort because we are going to have a show after all, and it looks like a pretty good one, from the looks of that equipment coming into the fairgrounds. A sight for an old engine or tractor collector is a pile of scrap iron. A nice sight is when this pile of scrap iron can be made into something that runs or moves or even has a practical purpose. A pretty nice sight is when the person paints this 'machine' they have made from the scrap iron. A real pretty sight is when you see a White Freightliner semi tractor with a long flatbed trailer behind it, carrying five meticulously restored Oliver tractors. There were also some real pretty sightings of loads of Farmalls and John Deeres.