Antique Engine and Tractor Association, Inc.

| July/August 1987

Atkinson, Illinois 61235

The Antique Engine and Tractor Association, Inc., of Atkinson, Illinois showed that 1986 was a very good year to them! We're picking up from our story in the Gas Engine Magazine of May 1985, page 30, with a comment made from a member concerning a concrete floor area. It was suggested that concrete used for the kitchen and food serving area would be cleaner and also be helpful for the ladies and, at the same time, be better under foot.

This became a project of leveling the area, framing it in, to a size of 22 feet by 45 feet. At the same time, another member contacted the local ready-mix company and explained our project. He was told they would be happy to help and complete the floor area.

On August 19th concrete was poured in the forms and also put into an outside display form for a flag pole with a mounting area beside it to make a permanent display of a gas engine base to the flag pole.

On Sept. 10th the kitchen area was readied and stocked with food for show time.

At the flag pole base a time capsule was prepared by the club president and the mayor of Atkinson. Local papers of interest and club items were inserted and sealed with a dated cap. As the flag pole was placed upright, the capsule was installed, the pole was bolted into place, and the engine was mounted to complete the display.