| January/February 1972

This Honor Roll lists Registered Exhibitors, Helpers, and Honored Show Officials, each of whom contributed in his own way toward perpetuation of knowledge and fellowship afforded by Humorous exhibition of Machinery propelled by yesterdays methods of harnessing the energies of man, animal, air, water, steam and gas.

The Names of Exhibitors, Helpers and Honored Show Officials Registering from Canada and States other than the Carolinas will appear in the JAN-FEB issues of the IRON MAN ALBUM AND ENGINEERS AND ENGINES.

The Names of Exhibitors, Helpers and Honored Show Officials Registering from the CAROLINAS will appear in the JAN-FEB issue of GAS ENGINE MAGAZINE and the MAR-APR issue of ENGINEERS AND ENGINES.

Only those that Register are listed. Additions, Omissions, Corrections etc. will be in the three magazines JAN-FEB issues.

Help us correct errors and omissions.

NORTH CAROLINA Brown, Claude V. Brewer, Marshall Burr, John & Mrs. Broadway, Arnold &Mrs. Cassidy, Warren Byrd, Mike Caulder, Margaret Cain, Wingate Jr. Coker, Dowell

Cartner, Bobby & Mrs.

Denning, James R.

Dorrell, John

Clark LeRoy

Dupuy, Monty

Cline, Archie

English, Fred

Cline, Roy

Ford, Ben

Cline, V. J.

Hartshorn, Alton & Mrs.

Cole, V. A.

Hill, C. R.

DuPuy, Edward L.

Humphrey, March Cat

Easterling, Elnora

Ingram, Miller, Mayor

Gibbs, R. A. & Margie

Jernigan, H. E.

Grimley, Bill

Johnson, Robert

Hammer, Robert H.

Laney, C. K. &Mrs.

Hatley, Larry

LaPorte, Robert

Idol, C.C.& Mrs.

McGowen, Lloyd

Lyerly, Robert & Mrs.

McLaurin, P. C.

Matkins, E. C.

Nipper, J.W.& Mrs.

Parnell, Roy

McLaughlin, Gene L.

Pegues, Luther

McLaurin, Bert

Peterson, Troy

Miller, Robert L.

Powe, Robert & Mrs.

Parker, Steve

Reid, Joe

Pritchard, James R. & Jaunita

Richardson, Delia

Russell, Paul & Mrs.

Riley, Lewis

Seamon, Earl D. & Mrs.

Rogers, R. S. III

Shelbaer,J.L. &Mrs.

Rogers, R. S. Jr.

Smith, H. J. Jr.

Rogers, Margaret

Smith, Samuel T.

Rogers, Gerry

Spear, C. E.

Sartor, John

Stees, John

Smith, Gene

Smith, Willie

Strickland, Verne

Trantham, Ted 

Sweat, Edward

Thomas, Jimmie & Mrs.

Turner, David H.

Thomas, Orrin B.

Underwood, C. J.

Weldon, Harold

Varner, Robert & Mrs.

West, John C.& Mrs.

Woodward, R. W. 

Wicker, W. R.

Wigington, Max


Williamson, Jack

Adams, Gerald W.

Willis, J. C.

Atkinson, H. A.

Womack, Gary B.

Bailey, Bob

Young, Ed