Another Stickney Story

| December/January 1989

1155 Carpenter Cyn. Rd., Arroyo Grande, California 93420

Many years ago-perhaps about June of 1909 in a factory in St. Paul, Minnesota-an unusual 13 HP engine was designed and manufactured. Its name was Stickney #6601 and little did it know that it was on the way to becoming a legend in its own time. It would perform many years of faithful service and go on to survive most of its brothers and sisters who were being shipped all over the country at the same time. Some went into mining, others into farming. Still others wound up in a multitude of livelihoods which were performed, for the most part, very well.

The 13 HP Stickney was shipped out west by rail freight to the little California town of San Luis Obispo, and was shortly thereafter on the way to a new home in the Avila Valley, some ten miles away.

It didn't take long for Stickney to get to work. He was attractive, strong, well built and easy to start. There were other engines on the farm that remarked at his unusual design, but so what-he did the job and did it well!

Stickney was given his own trucks and became the main engine on the farm, tackling every job from pumping water to threshing grain.

As time went on, his owner took good care of him by proper maintenance and lubrication. His owner liked him so well that he refused to let anyone near him with a pipe wrench-making sure that Stickney's parts stayed nice.