Another Rare One

| January/February 1991

  • Economy Engine

  • Economy Engine

23941 Strange Creek Dr. Diamond Bar, California 91765.

The first part of June I headed out for a little town north east of Winner, South Dakota to an auction. I didn't find any rare engines. I also went to look at the padlocks on the sale bill. Another gentleman wanted the locks more than I did, but it's another one of my hobbies.

When I got back home I had a week to get ready to head out, with the wife this time, for Iowa. Had to get there for the wife's sister and brother-in-law's 50th. After the big day I headed out for some auctions, shows, and swap meets in Missouri.

The swap meet was mud, the show was mud, so I headed for the auction at Chillicothe, Missouri Friday and Saturday. They were having a lot of rain. I had no real reason to pick these places, only the dates were right for me.

The auction was a museum selling out. They had a huge tent where they held the auction. I went outside between rains. Over by the three smoking steam traction engines I spotted two flywheels sticking up from the soggy grass.

As I got closer it looked like it had been under cover most of its life. It was a faded red and free, and it was on the original trucks, so it seemed. The auction tag said it was an Associated. I checked the brass plate and saw it was an Economy with a brass tag and it was old. The tag reads: Economy Gas Engine, 'Improved Model' No. 16441, 2 HP. Seemed like a large engine for a 2 HP. That also told me it was old.