Another New Club Has Been Formed

| July/August 1988

Box 723 Blairmore, Alberta, Canada, ToK 0E0

We are known as the Oldman River Antique Engine and Threshing Club. Our headquarters are located at Pinaker Creek in South Western Alberta.

In 1987 a few of us assembled some machinery and engines to display at the local Agricultural Show. From this we found there was a lot of interest and decided to hold a meeting to see if there was sufficient interest to form a club. Surprise! About 45 people turned up and from this group we selected a name and sufficient people to fill all the necessary administrative posts.

We have our first show scheduled for July 16 and 17, 1988 on the banks of the Oldman River with a beautiful backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

If you're driving through and see the signs, we'd like to meet you and give you a taste of some good Alberta beef!