Another 4H Boy and His Tractor

| December/January 1997

  • 1949 John Deere model B tractor

  • 1949 John Deere model B tractor

1408 N. Van Buren Ottumwa, Iowa 52501-2141

4H programs bring the youth together with leaders who teach these young people the responsibilities' of growing up. It's wonderful to see the projects these young kids compete and show at the 4H and FFA shows.

Blake Irwin and his 1949 John Deere model B tractor was awarded a purple ribbon at the local Wapello County 4H . show at Ottumwa, Iowa. This tractor was then taken to the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Iowa, where it was awarded a blue ribbon.

Blake is a 14 year old farm boy who has been a member of the Pleasant 4H U&I Club for six years. He is a freshman at Cardinal High School at Eldon, Iowa. With his interest in antique farm machinery, this project was started in January and he completed the restoration just in time for the 4H show. The tractor was purchased from one of the Irwins' neighbors. It was in very bad condition. The motor was stuck, and after it was free, it was found it had to be overhauled with new rings, bearings, and the valves ground. It was cleaned, painted and new tires were installed. This was a much greater undertaking than Blake had anticipated, but with encouragement from his father, he completed the project in time for the 4H shows.

I have been a 4H leader and I am amazed at what these young 4H'ers achieve with their projects. In 4H these young people learn the responsibilities and the growing up experiences of life.