Annual Santa Fe County Fair

| December/January 2000

P. Stirling cycle fan Roger Hathaway

P. Stirling cycle fan Roger Hathaway.

Brown Castle Ranch Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505

These are pictures of the annual engine show held at the Santa Fe County Fair, August 11, 12, 13. It was announced that the engines had cancelled out!

After sending out flyers, I began to get my engines ready. The Jack of All Trades blew a head gasket and then blew another one! Now that we're out of asbestos, we made a head gasket from tin from a printing press! Now, Jim's already here. We go to set up etc., thanks to all these people and engines for showing up and saving the 'little show that could.' Jack of All Trades ran fine.

Everybody, come on down August 2001!

The Monitor H J 3 HP found on a ranch in southern New Mexico. The people said it never ran! After about 40 hours heating, oiling, we found the rings were too small. Otto Gas Engine sent rings (nice man, Dave) and new motor. 1944?

1907 Fairbanks Morse Jack of All Trades 6 HP hit & miss. This engine has come back from rust. It was partially restored before I got it four years ago.