Annual Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs Show

| February/March 1998

12 HP 'E' Engine

Tony and Herman Meier

Tony and Herman Meier, 14015 East Wellesley, Spokane, Washington 99216, sent this picture of a collection of model 'E' Economics (and one 'N' that got into the picture) which they displayed at the annual Inland Empire Steam and Gas Buffs Show. The engines were acquired and restored over the past few years by Tony and Herman (father and son). They represent part of their Economy collection. The 12 HP 'E' is missing, but several leads may help complete the set. Pictured are: 9 HP 1914, 7 HP 1918, 5 HP 1916, 2 HP 1916, 1 HP 1918, and a model 'N' 1925.