| August/September 1990

112 Irwin Drive Powell, Tennessee 37849

Looking on the lighter side of the previously published article 'What Will Happen To My Collection When I'm Gone?' in March, 1990 GEM.

If the decision is theirs, I would like to suggest to the widows to hang onto that old iron and they will never be lonely. Nature as it is, people can be real friendly when you have something they want.

I might suggest you set one in view, but not too obvious-maybe just a flywheel showing-for collectors know one easily spotted has already had many inquiries.

Seriously, I would advise, should you decide to sell those old engines, that you take your time. Contact your local engine club and make it known they are for sale. Take written offers. Wouldn't you rather have someone enjoy it as he, did, and get top dollar, than to know it was being bought just to be resold and the buyer make a few dollars on it?

As for our collection, I enjoy the hobby of finding, restoring, and showing engines as much as he does, so regardless of who survives, the engines may be hard to dispose of, since it would have to be a package deal-he/me and the collection!