Adams County Olde Tyme Association, Inc. Third Annual Show Report

| May/June 1992

Box 4 Ursa, Illinois 62376

This past year's show was a lot bigger than the shows of the past two years. The Adams County Fair was getting ready for its 50th year anniversary in 1991. They wanted some old farm machinery on display for the past two years. The interest was so great that a club was formed. The mascot for the 50th year was a model 'T' Leaping Lena and 200 small models were made and sold. Last year we also featured the Quincy, Illinois engine, and five out of the eight known showed up. The grandson of the inventor of the Quincy was on hand to see his grandfather's engines run again.

Our new antique and craft building was finished a week before the show. We had the 20 HP Advance-Rumely steam engine on the saw mill, the Oil Pull and a John Deere tractor on the threshing machine. We threshed all five days of the fair and baled all the straw with a hand tie baler run by a 6 HP Fairbanks Morse engine. We even had our 96th District State Rep., Art Tenhouse, help us pitch straw in the baler; he's an old farm boy also. It was hot in July and we boiled a dozen eggs in the water hopper of the engine. 

We had a saw cutting contest, rope making, wood carving, apple peeling, chair caning, corn shelling and grinding. The antique tractor pull, horse pull and an antique car and truck show were enjoyed by all. The ham and bean dinner was cooked by Dean Searls, our club president, with his Vs scale 65 Case steam engine on Sunday for the exhibitors. There were about 30 antique cars and trucks, 16 gas engines, 48 tractors, three combines, one bulldozer and 50 pieces of horse machinery. The antique and craft building was full of pedal tractors, buggies, tools, barb wire, and the 1941 room displays. The club is holding a swap meet at the fairgrounds April 25, 26, 1992; the show at the fair this year will be held July 31 through August 4. This year we are featuring F.M. engines and Massey Harris tractors. We hope this year's show will be bigger and better; come join us!