A Young Collector with QUESTIONS

| April/May 1993

Steam engine in hand

Steam engine in hand, this is my small engine shop.

R 2, Box 195, Bedford, Kentucky 40006

I have an engine I can't identify. It has these markings: 2VC5 on the closure plate, 1VC3 on the base, 3VC4 on the cylinder, 1V017 on the valve lifter cover, and the block has the words PAT. APLD. FOR on it just above the closure plate. I would like to know who made it and when. I would like to find an original ignition system for it.

There is an engine another fellow collector inquired about. It is in the May 1992 issue of GEM, under 27/5/32 in Reflections. It is an OHV design, but the numbers and engine appear to be of the same manufacture. There was no reply below the 27/5/32 so I am still in the dark! I have jury-rigged an ignition system on it from an old Tecumseh magneto. It was machinery grey, at least on the inside. I added red stripes out of artistic liberty.

The lubrication and fuel systems are very interesting and remind me of a Rube Goldberg machine. The oil and fuel are pumped by plungers driven by the cam. The oil is pumped to a small pan from the sump. The rod then dips in the pan. The fuel is pumped to the carb and the excess is returned to the base. No float or anything.

I have also acquired a mint (minor paint damage) 38 volt, 600 Watt, Delco light plant. I got it from the original owner's grandchild (now in his 70s). It had been under shelter on its original base. I even got the batteries! The jars are nice, but the cells are long since destroyed. He gave it to me with two conditions. One, I must never sell it or give it to anyone except him and, two, I must get it to run. It took about a day of cleaning and it was running. I have no intention of parting with it.

Was it fueled by kerosene ? The cutoff on the mixer won't work with gasoline. It runs fine on gasoline but it would probably have been dangerous indoors.