| October/November 1986

Crestline, California 92325

Upon our arrival in Vista we just sorta followed the crowd. We ended up in a big field if you can believe that in California.

The people were all dressed real strangemen had on things called 'bibs', and the women folk were wearing these funny little hats, the front of which were shaped kind a like an old covered wagon, and these bright little dresses that went from their necks to their ankles. It was obvious right off these folks weren't from California.

I finally decided that these people were from some sort of fraternal order of inventors and had brought their inventions to one place to put on a display. Some of these inventions were really quite crude; some were painted up real pretty, and all seemed to work or do something.

To top all this, there were about six or eight men in their 'bibs' standing by two big pieces of what appeared to be scrap iron, held together by a long leather belt. The one piece of scrap iron kept belching black soot and making a lot of noise. All the while six of the men tried to hide this pile of yellow weeds in the one end of the second piece of scrap iron. Whatever the second piece of scrap iron was, it apparently didn't like the idea of hiding all the yellow weeds inside because it just kept spitting them out. Part of the yellow weeds came out a stack on the far end of this 'thing', and the rest, if you can feature this, came out of a chute on the side while two grown men wearing ''bibs' tried to catch whatever it was in a big cloth bag.

We finally saw a sign that said, 'Old Time Threshing Meet.' Now to me, an old time thrashing meet is when the homeboys from the north end of town run into the homeboys from the south end of town and 'thrash' for 'king of the turf'. By contrast, these strange looking folks, wearing the 'bibs' and funny looking hats and long dresses were, according to the sign, 'threshing' and appeared to be getting along, actually enjoying what they were doing. How strange!