A Super Show

| February/March 1989

805 E. San Rafael Colorado Springs, CO 80903

The 4-Corners Antique Power Association's annual display of tractors, engines, and old farm equipment was held during the La Plata County Fair in Durango, Colorado on the weekend of August 13, 1988.

Secluded in the grassy, shady corner of the fairgrounds, just inside two main entrances, in close proximity to the Animas River as well as the famous narrow gauge Silverton Railroad, FCAPA members enjoyed not only beautiful weather, but a steady flow of interested onlookers from all over the country.

Some 50 engines and 20 tractors were displayed, some coming from as far away as Utah, central Arizona and New Mexico, as well as a few from the east slope of the Rockies.

A tractor parade was held in front of the grandstands on Saturday afternoon with proud owners and guest drivers putting their pride and joys through paces designed for the enlightenment of the spectators. Later an official Pull was held, and although it was never determined exactly whether the Poppin' Johnny or the Farmall was the better performer, all contestants had a good time, and vowed to return another year to continue their rivalry.

Clarence Shock from Austin brought his miniature scale-model Rumely Oil Pull, powered by one humongous Briggs WI engine, but was not permitted to enter the pull, the fear being that the combination of both extreme speed and raw lugging power might melt the bottom of the sled!