| November/December 1969

2015 Arthur Ave., Charleston, Illinois 61920

The Lincoln Heritage Trail Gas Engine Association held its second meeting of the year. A picnic was given in honor of John Tichenor, who was home on leave from the service, and to elect officers for the 1970 season. The picnic was held on the Bill Tichenor's farm near Charleston, Illinois, September 7.

Ninety people attended the picnic-meeting. Bill Tichenor was elected President, John Tichenor was elected Vice-President, and Geneva Tichenor was elected Secretary. Plans were also made about visiting each others homes over the next couple of years. It was decided that the meetings would be one day (picnic type) and would be held in the Central Illinois area.

After the meeting, our members cranked some of their engines they had brought. Frank Samson, Tolono, Illinois, came with his very fine 6 hp upright Monitor. Ray Erb, Danville, Illinois, brought a slightly different Type M IHC 1? hp. The fuel pump has been changed from a rod-plunger type to a regular A.C. pump. It looked to be a factory conversion.

John Tichenor started a few of his eighty gas engines. He had running: an IHC Type M 10 hp., a 4 hp. Mogul side shaft, a 1? hp. side-shaft Domestic, and a 6 hp. Galloway engine. John also has a fine selection of gas tractors which include: an IHC 8-16, Titan 10-20, Rumely Oil Pull and a Fairbanks Morse 15-25 Hp.

We ended by deciding to spread the word about one day picnics and how enjoyable they can be.