| September/October 1966

Box 63 College Springs, Iowa

1927 Fordson tractor photo - 1963

About 200 people were present at Elliott, Iowa Sunday afternoon, Mar. 27, 1966 at 2:45 PM when a Titan 30-60 of about 1910 or 1911 was started and was run for the first time in about 45 years. It had been buried in a muddy grave for about 40 years.

Two years ago to the month the Titan was removed from the bottom of the 10 ft. ditch by my Father A. C. Eshelman of Elliott, Iowa. Many days of work were required and many parts the other drum was the haulback; to pull the line and hook back into the bush to haul out more logs.

At one logging camp, the Fordson was mounted on crawler tracks, had high tension magneto, and the outside oil pump was taken from an old 490 Chev. engine and 2 drums in front of the radiator were driven from the belt pulley by a roller chaina real moving power plant in the woods.

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