A Jaeger Cement Mixer

| May/June 1986

Antique engine

8675 Douglas, Temperance, Michigan 48182

Fifteen years ago I attended my first antique engine show in Buckley, Michigan. Although it caught my interest I didn't pursue the hobby until two years ago when I had and took the opportunity to purchase a 1940 John Deere Model H tractor (s.n. 14444). I parked the tractor in my garage and worked on it in my spare time. I also started attending tractor and antique engine shows more diligently.

Although I enjoyed the shows, they didn't offer the thrill of finding an old tractor or engine in a field or barn, waiting for someone to come along and bestow on it new worth.

Destiny came my way soon after attending a small tractor show in Bowling Green, Ohio in early 1985. One night while at work, a group of fellow employees and I were discussing old engines and tractors. A co-worker of mine brought up the fact that his father had anĀ  and was interested in selling it. I got in touch with Jack Lonberger of Genoa, Ohio and set up a convenient time to go and look at the old relic. So on the 4th of July, I set out with growing anticipation. When I set eyes on the engine, it was what I was hoping for. I asked what he wanted for it and he told me whatever it was worth to menot to him. When I made him an offer, he told me to take it easy on myself. After finally reaching an agreement on a price, the old engine intact and in running order was mine. Mr. Lonberger said he purchased the mixer around 1956-57, just to listen to the engine run. Now today, 30 years later, I too find enjoyment listening to that same engine.