A History Of Termatt And Monahan Company

| February/March 1988

Reprinted with permission from the 1987 issue of the Badger Steam and Gas Engine Club program book.

As in the past, we are again writing a history of a Wisconsin farm equipment company in this yearbook. This year we have chosen the Termatt & Monahan Company of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, known as T & M.

In 1892 Mr. John Termatt and Mr. Louis Monahan formed a partnership to build gas and gasoline engines. This business was sold out in 1902 to Western Malleable & Grey Iron Company, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This firm was later to become the Simplicity Engine Company of Port Washington, Wisconsin.

In 1903 Mr. Termatt and Mr. Monahan again organized another engine company called T & M. Along with a partner, E. Homer Fahrney, their business consisted mainly of small marine engines. These proved very successful; larger and larger marine engines followed using multiple cylinders up to a large 100 HP, 4 cylinder.

1912 was the year that T & M built their first 4 cycle engine with a 2? inch bore and 3? inch stroke. By 1906 the T & M Company was building small engine-driven generators for farm and home use. Just before WW I the U. S. Army contracted the company to build 2000 small engine-driven generators for them.

Also, about this same time they began building engine-driven pumps for farm and home use. These were built using different types of pumps. Some of their pumps were used to help build the Panama Canal, and some were with Admiral Byrd on his expedition to the South Pole.