6th Annual Pepperell Show

| January/February 1981

  • Ed Deibert's calliope
    Ed Deibert's calliope.

  • Ed Deibert's calliope

E. Pepperell, Massachusetts 01437

I am very pleased to again report on the Pepperell Crank-Up, held at the town field on July 8, 1980. The weather was perfect, unlike previous years HOT! Again, there were exhibitors from all the New England states with a fine display of the old one lungers, tractors, and related machinery. The atmosphere that was generated was very typical of every gas engine meet that I have attended. Very fine people exchange ideas, ask questions, give information, and chat. It was a real fine day to stroll down memory lane and turn back the hands of time to when life was at a slower pace and seemed to make more sense than in the turmoil of today's living. I am realistic enough, as you readers are, to live in the eighties, but I really enjoy turning back the hands of time a few days each year at the engine meets don't you?

We had over 150 gas engines, a railroad inspection car, two antique crawler tractors, several antique gas tractors, and also several antique trucks and cars. This year with the efforts of a Mr. Bergquist and Mr. Dan Fay, we had a steam table in operations first for Pepperell. The scale model of a Climax logging locomotive, built and displayed by a very interesting and good-natured man Arthur Sweet of Columbia, Connecticut, was one of the very interesting displays. Everyone was again impressed with the working display of Ed Diebert's calliope.

Once again, thanks to all that exhibited and helped to make our 6th annual an enjoyable time, and we look forward to the 7th annual to meet again.