5th Annual Antique Gas Engine & Tractor Show at Enid, OK

| August/September 1989

  • 4 HP Lister in operation
    Rick Ice of Thomas, Oklahoma with his 4 HP Lister in operation.
  • King of Old Iron
    George Oiler with the 'King of Old Iron' plaque we awarded him.

  • 4 HP Lister in operation
  • King of Old Iron

1713 E. Walnut Avenue, Enid, Oklahoma 73701

Our 5th Annual Antique Gas Engine & Tractor Show on October 1, 1988 was held under rainy and soggy conditions. Fortunately for us, however, we had a shelter for the majority of the exhibitors to get under. Even under such conditions we had an excellent turnout with several trailer loads of engines as well as a number of tractors. Under such conditions, the tractors weren't unloaded or started but were observed and appreciated nonetheless.

This year's show was headed up by Harold Cooper, R.D. Corley and Richard Vogt. Assistance was afforded by Marlin Unruh and Gary Phipps. Much appreciation to these two. George Oiler, as a past sponsor, acceded to Harold Cooper and retired from the planning stage. Harold Cooper has very graciously picked up the vacancy and will be doing great things for the welfare of future gatherings. George Oiler was awarded a plaque which read 'King of Old Iron'. George had done a great job.

An event we had planned for the show was a slow race for tractors but, with the wet conditions, it didn't happen. We, however, had a drawing for a model tractor donated by a local implement dealer, Vater Implement. Charles Jones of Sharon, Oklahoma, was the proud winner. R.D. and Esther Corley took care of the coffee and homemade rolls in the morning and Marilyn Cooper and Gary Phipps the hot meal at noon for the exhibitors. With the cool wet weather this was all very welcome.

Despite being crowded with trailer against trailer under the shelter and cold and wet, a fun time was had by all. Everyone was busy running their exhibits or discussing their restoration problems and accomplishments and even a little trading going on. Those that didn't show up because of the rain missed out on a great event.

Some of the people that came were Paul and Hazel Frazier of Calumet, Oklahoma, giving free rides with their team and wagon and Jim Lewis of Oklahoma City with his model engine built from castings from Coles Power Models. Harold Cooper had his first showing of the Olds engine he just recently purchased and is very proud of. Rick Ice of Thomas, Oklahoma, brought his 4 HP Lister engine and 'Goose' Gosnell had an early water hydraulic washing machine.