2000 Ashern Mini Threshermen's Reunion at Ashern, Manitoba

| January/February 2001

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PO Box 98 Ashern, Manitoba, Canada ROC OEO

The 2000 show featured a threshing demonstration with a John Deere Goodison 28' separator driven with a W6 McCormick gas engine on Saturday, and a Lanz Bull Dog on Sunday, September 10, 2000.

There was also a display of water-cooled engines, some of which were an 8-horse Fairbanks tank-cooled Massey Harris, a small Fairbanks with a single flywheel, an International half-speed Domestic and others.

The Super Farmer contest was a popular event for spectators, as was the log sawing demonstrations with a homemade band saw.

The Manitoba Trappers Association were on the grounds with a fur display.

Also featured was the native 'Living Museum' where bannock was cooked up for the hungry crowd. Fried bread dough was also a popular feature. The cooks couldn't keep up with the demand for this delicious treat. Other food was sold on the grounds as well. A farmers market provided visitors a chance to purchase produce, baked goods and canning.