1993 Adrian, Missouri Show

| July/August 1994

  • Restored International
    Johnny Hough's freshly restored screen cooled International.
  • 1943 A. R. John Deere
    Kenny Reed of Richmond, KS, on his very nice 1943 A. R. John Deere

  • Restored International
  • 1943 A. R. John Deere

2714 Cedar Crest Drive, Independence, Missouri 64057

On Thursday, July 22, 1993 I pulled into Frontier Village, having just driven across the low water bridge through foot-deep water, the result of an early morning rain. Given the wet and flooding Missouri summer, the prospects for even having a show looked bleak. The weather forecast called for rain the entire weekend, but the bright sunshine and beautiful show grounds gave hope, and even now W.M.A.T. & M.A. members were making last minute preparations.

Friday saw more sunshine and an-other promise of rain from the weather man, but exhibitors began to fill the grounds. Greetings, handshakes, and smiles were exchanged as old friends met and new friends were made. Friday's hog roast was a big hit.

There is always something new, and the first thing that got my attention was the portable steam engine powering the saw mill. It is a 1906 20 HP Aultman-Taylor, bought by several club members early in the year. Gary Jones of Owatonna, Minnesota, a good friend of member Bill Thurman, had the engine for sale and offered it to the club at a very reasonable price. Calvin Field made the trip to Minnesota with his low boy and brought it back to Adrian. Gary Jones even came down to run the engine during the show.

A new building on the south side of the big engine shed houses several milling, lathe and other shop machines run by a line shaft and powered by an 8 HP Lauson gas engine. The engine is owned by Allen Merryfield of Appleton City, Missouri, and operated by Charles Forester of Peculiar, Missouri. Charles is the one responsible for getting this project together with help from several others.

We missed old friends Chris and Esther Burns from the gas engine ranks. Chris suffered a heart attack at the Waukee Swap Meet and missed the 1993 show season, but has recovered nicely and is ready for 1994.