1991 Yesteryear Farm & Home


| March/April 1992

301 Lincoln St. Longmont, Colorado 80501

The Yesteryear Farm & Home Show was held August 16, 17 and 18, 1991 as part of the Boulder Co. Fair in Longmont, Colorado. This show has been a part of the fair for several years now, and has become a popular event with both exhibitors and spectators.

This year's event was again a success, and with the exception of a short Friday afternoon downpour, good weather was present the entire show. Our show this year had more scheduled events than in past years, and there was a good turnout all three days.

Rex Jarrett was our Master of Ceremonies for the entire show, always present with his portable PA system announcing events, conducting interviews, enticing exhibitors to take the microphone and tell the crowd about their particular exhibit, and in general, making the show GO. For all your efforts, 'Thanks, Rex!'

In addition to being our MC, Rex led the opening event-outstanding live Bluegrass music by Rex Jarrett and the Bluegrass Corn pickers. These guys can really draw a crowd! Our display area fills very quickly when the band begins, and the entire area takes on a festive air!

The band was followed by an oats threshing demonstration, using a 1926 Belleville separator powered by a 1907 Avery steam traction engine. Both these behemoths are crowd favorites, being very large and impressive to see in action. The separator is owned by Harvey Nelson of Hygiene, Colorado and the Avery belongs to the DeBacker family of Boulder, Colorado.