1990 Thumb Area Old Engine and Tractor Show

| June/July 1991

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    25x40 Oil pull and 28-46 Red River special grain machine threshing wheat at the 1990 show, as Harlan Volz and Bill North have a little discussion about the Oil pull. The tractor is owned by Pat McCarty; the separator is owned by the club.

  • Tractor

464 S. Fifth St., Sebewaing, Michigan 48759

Our 1990 show was held in August at the Caro, Michigan Fairgrounds. All through, the weatherman predicted rain for the weekend. We only had a few sprinkles on one day and a half hour shower the next day. It didn't keep the visitors away from our show. This was the first year for it, and by Saturday noon we started to wonder where we would put all the exhibitors, but we managed to find a spot for all. Thanks to our club president, Brian Oldenburg, and the fellows who worked on the exhibitor placement crew. All I can say to the many exhibitors is, 'Keep coming, fellows, and we hope to see you again next year.'

The thrashing was done with the club's 28 inch Red River Special grain separator and the straw was baled with Dave Babcock's stationary baler. Brian Oldenburg put on a lot of demonstrations with his Puffer Maker Fan, not only with his tractors but a lot of the exhibitors' tractors as well. This fan is geared up to put a load on the tractor or steam engine about six times a minute and really sounds nice if the governor is working right on the engines. We also had a nice Russell steam engine brought in this year by Lawrence Languski from Ubly, Michigan. This was the first time in several years that we had a full size traction steam engine at our show. We also had a nice display of antique cars. Thanks, fellows, for bringing your cars and trucks.

We would also like to thank the Women's Auxiliary from our club for all the help they gave the club the past year.

Next year's show will be held on August 9, 10, 11, 1991 at Caro, Michigan.