1990 Delaware Valley Old Time Power & Equipment Association Show

| August/September 1991

Lake Parsippany, New Jersey and Doug Tilton 1 Village Rd. Morganville, New Jersey 07751

The Delaware Valley Old Time Power and Equipment Association Inc., held its thirteenth annual 'Days of the Past' show on September 16 & 17, 1990 in Titusville, N.J.

Since the last show report appeared in GEM, several years ago, many changes have taken place.

In the beginning the Delaware Valley organization was allowed to use a small tract of land belonging to the Washington Crossing State Park. After several years we successfully outgrew this site and attempted to locate larger grounds to house our needs.

At that point, having learned of our needs, the parks system offered us a 15 acre tract of land with a building. For the past four years we have been operating on this new site, and as each year passes the club has been finding better ways to present to the public an interesting and fun show that will hopefully encourage both exhibitors and spectators to return for future shows.

Currently the Delaware Valley Old Time Power and Equipment Association has a membership list of over 200 members. Prior to our relocation, our membership list was roughly half of what it is now.