1986 Maryland Steam Historical Society Show


| July/August 1987

Arcadia show

Scenes from the 1986 Arcadia show the gas engine area; the steam building, saw mill

6 Windward Drive, Severna Park, Maryland 21146

One of the best run gas engine shows in the entire USA has to be Arcadia. Last year's show (11-14 September) was no exception and judging from the crowds, number of exhibitors, gas engines, steam, gasoline and diesel tractors, saw mills, shingle mills, antique machinery, flea market dealers, etc., a lot of people must agree; Arcadia gets bigger and better every year.

This year there were 640 gas engines, 160 tractors and 16 miscellaneous displays. This count doesn't include the large number of antique cars. There were 335 registered gas engine exhibitors. There was a very large flea market with contents ranging from tools to antiques of all types. Many of the flea marketers have been long time participants at Arcadia.

The gas engine parts dealers are located in the gas engine area at Arcadia rather than in the general flea market area.

The third thing that sets Arcadia apart from other gas engine shows is the Gordon & Margaret Warehime family. Donald Warehime runs the gas engine part of the show in a way that makes everyone pleased to be there. His wife Anna and their daughter Denise handle the gas engine registration. Kenny, Michael and Matt, Denny, Bonnie and Dwayne and Steve and Ruth Smith all pitch in to make the show a success. The Warehime family have managed the gas engine portion of the Arcadia show for many years. They make everyone feel welcome and go to great pains to make space available to one and all, be they early or late arrivals.

There is an almost endless list of engine restorers who have had the good luck to know Bill Starkey, his wife Donna and son, Billy. The photo of Bill, son Billy and 'Max' will also give an idea of the beautiful weather we had this year. Without dealers like Starbolt, one wonders what restorers would do for those hard to find parts. All the dealers in new and used parts seem to avoid too much duplication of each others inventory. This makes it easier for restorers to locate that special part.