1974 Show Report of the Riverbend Steam & Gas Association

| March/April 1975

1935 AR John Deere tractor on John Deere thresher

Jim Gutenberger

R.R. 2, Zeeland, Michigan 49464

As I look out of the window and see the snow flakes gently falling to the ground, I realize that when this gets into print that it will be only five months until our 1975 show. Seven months have already gone by since our 1974 show. Time does fly!

As this is supposed to be report of our 1974 show, I would like to take you to the show grounds of the Riverbend Steam & Gas Ass'n, 10 miles west of Grand Rapids, Mich, on M-45. As we leave the busy expressway in the city of Grand Rapids, we travel west on M-45 thru some beautiful orchard country and rolling farm land. As we cross the Grand River we see the campus of Grand Valley State College. Soon we come to 56th Ave. and we see a sign directing us to the show grounds of the Riverbend Steam & Gas Ass'n. As we approach the tree-lined drive going back to the show grounds, we are met by the welcoming committee composed of one smiling Tom Rosema who is resting comfortably in a chair under the shade of a large tree. Tom had just returned from a stay in the hospital but insisted that he was able to take care of the tickets and to welcome our visitors, and a bang-up job he did.

As we leave our car in the parking lot we proceed on foot to the show grounds. The first display we come to are the small gasoline engines. The first engine we see is a 5 HP Galloway owned and beautifully restored by guest Steve Repta from Muskegon, Mich. Right next to Steve's engine we see a 5 HP Sattley exhibited by Steve's brother-in-law. I am sure these two engines did not look like this when they left the factory many years ago. As we go down the line we come to member Sharon Schut's display of engines and his Hocking Valley Corn Sheller which was being operated by one of Sharon's sons. Another son was operating the mill and some very fine corn meal was being made. Next to Sharon, member Claire Dalman had a trailer load of nicely restored engines and two larger engines on the ground. These engines were all being run at one time or another. Next we see guest Dave Babcock from Cass City with his display of engines. Then on down the line we see member Gordon Stroven's two sons with their display of John Deere Engines consisting of a 1-1/2 HP, 3 HP and a 6 HP plus Gordon's John Deere Model W stationary power unit.

My 1935 AR John Deere tractor on John Deere thresher. We threshed 2800 bushels of oats this year with the outfit.

Courtesy of Jim Gutenberger, R.R. 1, Colby, Wisconsin 54421.