1969 Makoti Threshing and Antique Show Report

| March/April 1970

  • Threshing Machines
    Courtesy of Leroy Quandt, Ryder, North Dakota 58779
    Leroy Quandt

  • Threshing Machines

Ryder North Dakota 58779

Although the weather was rather brisk, the attendance at the show was above expectations. Our two day show was held October 4 & 5 this year. This is a grain farming community so when harvest is late our show is postponed until after harvest. Our parade goes down the main street of Makoti and out to the threshing and display area. There were about 110 units in the parade this year. We don't have permanent show grounds but go to a different stubble field on the edge of town each year. The whole show is portable including the four cook cars that serve lunches. The young people also have concession stands. Meals are served in town at Hope Lutheran Church, the Cafe and the Legion Hall.

Newly built for this year was the information booth where the guest register was kept and souvenir buttons, booklets and other items were on sale. Copies of our 1969 show booklet are available.

Al. Christenson, of Parshall donated 937 gallons of gas with his Mobil Oil bulk truck to keep the 51 tractors, 14 cars and 12 trucks plus 43 stationary engines running.

Jeff Evenson, from Parshall donated his sound equipment and pickup for the announcers to use during the parade and show.

Elmer Wolff, association president, described the parade for KTYN radio of Minot in a live broadcast on Saturday afternoon.