Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more


Richard Backus

Cotton has long been an agricultural staple in the south

1927 Ingersoll-Rand Portable Compressor

Brian C. Ferrence

Once on the Brink of Becoming Salvage Yard Fodder

From Wreck to Resto -1 HP Mogul

Ted Utess

The Story Behind the Story

Backyard Restorations

Leonard Keifer

Tips on Taking it Apart and Getting it Back Together


A Man of the Cloth

Shirley Wahl

OilPull ran and sounded just like the big ones

Back Home Again

John Mock

A Hercules Model S That Never Really Left

A Restoration Spanning Continents and Generations

Keith Kinney

The kids can either display something in its original form or restored

My First Engine was My Second

Loren E. Rarick

Trials and Tribulations in Returning a 25 HP IHC Giant to Working Form