Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more


Richard Backus

Fred Nolan's great article on the restoration of a very rare IHC motor

IHC Baler Unit

Fred Nolan

Worn out but still in one piece, a rare IHC baler unit is lovingly restored.

Aultman & Taylor Memories

Gary Yaeger

Collecting photos of steam traction engines for 51 years


Richard Backus

One look at the queries coming in for C.H. Wendel


It's the Oxygen Content, Stupid!

Tim Claremont

The brass oilers are shined to perfection

Too Much Fun

Michael G. Cobb

Full-Size Fun From Pint-Size Tractors

The Uncle Earl Engine

Dean Hayden

A 1-3/4 HP Economy Model S Finally Gets its Second Chance

An Interesting August

Chan Mason

Chance Meetings, Simple Exchanges Lead to Great Finds