Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

The Briggs & Stratton Blues

Ken Hollenbeck

A Briggs & Stratton Model FH meets Murphy's Law, but a Wisconsin engine restorer makes amends.

Briarpatch Beauty

Clayton Ballard

Old-Engine Buddies Journey to Bring a 22-1/2 HP Bessemer Oil Field Engine Back to Life

Rolling Restoration

Bob Naske

Still in its Work Clothes, this 4 HP Waterloo Boy is Back in the Old Iron Fold


How (Not) To Fix Stuff

By Tim Claremont

How not to go about repairing a gas engine carburetor and magneto.

A Gas Engine Fairy Tale

Helen Jacobes

Rough and Tumble that has huge displays of mechanical engines


Harry Matthews

Welding Cast Iron

Found: 5 HP 1914 Hercules E

Bob Naske

Hercules Economy is equipped with the optional Elkhart low-tension, gear-driven magneto