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Engine With A Long Story

Nicholas A.Freeland

In early 1995 work began with brazing up the rear corner on the magneto side

My Little Mini 'B'

Calvin G. White

History: The Call of Oil, Grease, and Green Paint

The Haymaker's Drink (or Switchel or Ginger Ale or Swaggel)

Walter L. Hay ward

Making the drink was usually the work of individual farm wives

From The Archives

Guessing that the Heat-Houser folks are no longer in business


The Le Roy Plow Company

The Le Roy Plow Company was organized and incorporated in 1899

Farm Machinery Advertising Collectors

Dave Schnakenberg, organizer of the Farm Machinery Advertising Collectors

Newcomer Buys a Jaeger

Joe Cargola

A newcomer to the hobby of engine collecting is Joe Cargola


Judy Whiteside

An Addiction Begins.