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Does Anyone Recognize This Mower?

Paul Reno

Mower is a masterpiece of ingenuity or art

The Sweetest Music I Ever Heard

Denny Foster

I discovered a Fairbanks-Morse hit and miss engine pulling a grist mill

Wives' Part in A Man's Hobby

Burl H. Gillum

The temperature in Boone is usually ten degrees cooler than here in Roanoke


Cotton Still King at Burton Cotton Gin Festival

Youngsters will learn of the role cotton played in the history of Texas

Panzer Party Is Growing PETERSVILLE, MARYLAND, OCTOBER 25-26,1999

The headquarters information booth had a variety of commemorative items for sale

APPLETON Information Sought

Acquired a brochure of the Appleton Manufacturing Company in Batavia

South Africa Gets It All Together At The End Of The Century

Wilfred Mole

People who did participate in this attempt for a place in the Guinness Book of Records