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Larry G. Shulda

The name of organization is the Heart of Texas Tractor and Engine Club

Future Iron Nut is Born

Sandy Evans

The engine he bought was a restored Hercules, which he enjoyed taking to all the local shows

Julien Engine Register

Gene Lapointe

Bob talked about making nuts and bolts to fit the engine

The Beckman Mill's 'New' Titan 10-20

Steve Frevert

William How built his mill west of Beloit in 1868 to grind grain for area farmers


National Hart-Parr/Oliver Collectors Summer Convention 2000

The 10th annual summer convention of the National Hart-Parr/Oliver Collectors Association

The Harvest of 1944

Russell M. Shipley

A farmer recollects a the harvest of 1944 when German POWs helped bring in the wheat.


Cris Nystrom

Deutz are not common in UK

I Learned a Lot From This Stover

Robert Naske

The engine had good compression, so a complete tear-down was not necessary