Farm Life

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Speaking of Your Hobby. . .

Bill Hash

Johnson collecting engines for about ten years


Larry G. Shulda

The name of organization is the Heart of Texas Tractor and Engine Club

How To Move a Log Cabin

Kim Ingalls

Ed's tractor pulled the cabin down the hazy roads like a champ

It Worked For Me

Jim Fisher

The gib key had been drilled out and was just a shell


Stationary Engine List

Helen French

The Little Jumbo ran a pulley and gear system that controlled a lady dummy

The Beckman Mill's 'New' Titan 10-20

Steve Frevert

William How built his mill west of Beloit in 1868 to grind grain for area farmers

Future Iron Nut is Born

Sandy Evans

The engine he bought was a restored Hercules, which he enjoyed taking to all the local shows

First Experience 1927

R. L. Holcombe

The growth and progress of this great nation was so greatly associated with the development of the gas engines