Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more


William P. Haworth

Share of the load to keep things going

Speaking of Your Hobby. . .

Bill Hash

Johnson collecting engines for about ten years

It Worked For Me

Jim Fisher

The gib key had been drilled out and was just a shell

Searching for My First Engine

David Babcock

The first gas engine I ever saw was my grandfather's 12 HP Economy engine that


How To Move a Log Cabin

Kim Ingalls

Ed's tractor pulled the cabin down the hazy roads like a champ


Larry G. Shulda

The name of organization is the Heart of Texas Tractor and Engine Club

Future Iron Nut is Born

Sandy Evans

The engine he bought was a restored Hercules, which he enjoyed taking to all the local shows

Julien Engine Register

Gene Lapointe

Bob talked about making nuts and bolts to fit the engine