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LOVE Tractor Story

Robert Hall, Jr.

The 1939 model of the LOVE tractor had a Chrysler Industrial Motor

The THING In the Corncrib

Kevin L. Bandy

The last run of the Rockford was sometime in the early 1950s

Burch Manufacturing Company

Donald R. Aden

The company which was supplying metal parts for production went bankrupt

Our Old 'New' Saw Mill

Penny Wezel

The Case steamer was kept busy running the saw mill during the show


Another Old Iron Lover

Roger N. ''Smiley'' Pemberton

My operator was a cranky old coot and made me constantly pump grease


Lisa Brooker

Feelings for engine shows and the people you meet at the shows is expressed in a poem on our web page


Woody Sins

The Otto-Langen is one of a line of fine model engines Wayne has produced

Wrong Turn Yields Large Fairbanks

Wayne English

Bernie met us at the building which had been known as the Pamlico Ice and Light Company