Farm Life

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Ohio Motor Co. 6HP

Don Crawford

The trailer was built by Phillip McBride, another great friend

M. F. Bates

Paul Frasier

Mr. Bates finally invented the first gasoline engine used by the company

Jackpot at Keno

Jerry Bryde and Jessica Lafleur

Keno City and surrounding area is beautiful. Full of history, old iron, and great people

Three Generations, One Hobby

Fred C. Logue

My first engine was a 1929 John Deere Type E 3 HP, sold to me dirt-cheap by my uncle


My First and Favorite

Bill L. Briney

Story of how he got started in the engine hobby

Restoration of Minnesota Valley Fair Amusement Park Cars

David Irey

The car runs on standard gauge rail tracks and is easy to operate


Harry Terpstra

Rock Island sold these engines between 1912 and 1914

Good Thing I Had A Spare

Lawrence Fish

The engine ran good but the tractor was a mess