Farm Life

Life on the land, farm shows, lessons from the past and more

Cooper-Bessemer Memories

John R. Heath

Reminiscences on Running Old Iron

A Restoration Spanning Continents and Generations

Keith Kinney

The kids can either display something in its original form or restored

My First Engine was My Second

Loren E. Rarick

Trials and Tribulations in Returning a 25 HP IHC Giant to Working Form

Two Wheels For the Farm

Vernon Achord Jr.

The Harvey David & Son Farm Cycle



Harry Matthews

What Got You Started?

Another Hubbard Surfaces - Literally

Ernest C. Mills

The 4 HP Hubbard found stuck in the sand in a lake

Pioneer 30-60 Pioneer Gets a New Lease on Life

Jerry Toews

Steve Sabo, who owns Target Transport in Middlebury

The History of the B.D. Tillinghast Machine Shop

Joe Prinzinger and Bill Tremel

In 1882 the first commercial gas well came on line in Washington County