You've been asking for it More GEM's in '85

| November/December 1984

Dear Readers:

As we look ahead to 1985, we are beginning the 20th year of publication of Gas Engine Magazine.

Through the years, because of the loyal support of our subscribers, the magazine has gradually published more pages and reached more people, until today we are serving nearly 20,000 of you with each issue.

Consistently, you have offered your advice and constructive criticism along with your compliments. We appreciate everyone's interest and try to respond wherever possible. Whether your comments are on a renewal blank or an ad you've placed, or in a letter to Smoke Rings, all are read and pondered!

For several years, the most frequent comment we've seen has been,'...I only wish it came every month.' We have weighed this encouragement seriously and feel that the time has come to respond by going monthly.

1985 will be a year of new beginnings for GEM. In addition to easing into monthly publication, we will be adding a new Question and Answer column written by Charles Wendel, who for most of you needs no introduction. Chuck is the highly regarded author of American Gasoline Engines Since 1872, The Encyclopedia of American Farm Tractors, and numerous other books in the gas engine field. We hope that Chuck will be able to answer most of your questions directly in his column, so please write to 'Questions and Answers', at Stemgas Publishing Company, PO Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.