Woodworking WHATSIT

| April/May 1989

Box 160, Ashton, Iowa 51232

Responses came from all over the U.S.A. after my pictures and questions appeared on the back cover of the April 1988 GEM. The stencils for John Deere #2 corn sheller are no longer available, though. After I mailed them out a few times they came back pretty ragged.

Recently I bought a new toy and, if possible, I'd like your help identifying it. This outfit is a band saw, table saw, 12' planer, jointer, rabbet cutter and under cut swing arm saw all in one.

It was bought new around 1890 by the lumber yard in Little Rock, Iowa. I bought it at auction from the third owner, Harry Voss.

I'm wondering if you or your readers could help me with a brand name and original color. I painted it grey to keep it from rusting. And if one of the literature collectors could help me with an original book, or copy of one, I'd really appreciate it.

The only lead I've gotten is out of a 1923 Sears &. Roebuck catalogue, page 866. It's similar in some ways. They gave no brand name. The list price is $510.00, quite a sum for that day and age.