| September/October 1998

2 Brightside Avenue Pikesville, Maryland 21208-4801

This 'tiller' began its life as a Wizard. Later, because of the efforts of Wes Paine, Mike Anstine and Earl Anstine, this hybrid was brought back to life to work again in the garden. Earl named this machine after Attila the Hun. As you know from history, Attila was extremely mean and devastatingly cruel. So is this tiller thus the moniker 'A Tiller The Hon.'

Bobby Daniels
11/13/2012 1:01:14 AM

I saw your Wizard tiller converted to tiller de hun. I am looking for info on the Wizard series model nnumber EDK2100A77 manufactured by a company called EDKO in Iowa. I am sure this is an antique and I really need to know more since I have this mode. that does not work