'WHF '18' Humor

| August/September 1995

46 Beach Avenue Madison, Connecticut 06443

Although GEM has no 'department' for humor, I do not think it is possible to pursue our hobby without some semblance of lightheartedness. I therefore submit these cartoons for your observation. Let me tell you a little about them.

My neighbors some years ago purchased a lovely old house on the beach in sad need of repair. Over the years they have restored the place and finally reached the point of going through many decades of accumulation. They found many historic pictures and artifacts. Upon finding these sketches they brought them to my attention knowing that I have an engine collection.

The originals, which they since have framed, are pen and ink and signed 'WHF 1918.' We have never been able to discover who 'WHF' was or might be, but perhaps he or she lived in the house at one time.

It is an interesting thought that when these cartoons were drawn the engines were not antiques but state of the art machines. Perhaps it gives us some insight into why we have so much trouble with our engine restorations, what with bent shafts and missing parts! The artist had a good eye for detail and a keen sense of humor. Maybe he even drew from experience.

I thought you readers might enjoy them as I did.