Where Did All The Alfalfa Seed Come From?

| September/October 2001

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The year was 1932, and I was running the 16-30 Hart Parr, and a #9 Bird-sell clover and alfalfa huller.

We started threshing alfalfa clover that morning, and when we finished that evening, about eight o'clock, we had 55 two-bushel bags full of alfalfa seed. Never before or after that day did I ever thresh that much alfalfa seed. There were lots of days when we ran all day and only produced two or three bags of seed. When I got home that night, and told Dad how much alfalfa seed we threshed, he could not believe it. The picture below is of a Birdsell huller.

July 1954--My dad, William A. Kuhl, Sr., threshing wheat at his farm. This was the last year he threshed any grain in our area. The tractor is an HK Huber; grain separator is a 30x50 Red River Special.

The following are names of threshing machinery that Dad owned over the years:

Steam engines: Reeves, Buffalo-Pitts, Port Huron, Russell, Aultman Taylor.