What Will Happen To My Collection When I'm Gone ?

| March/April 1990

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Question. What will happen to my collection when I'm gone? Will it just sit there? Will it go to a museum? Will it be sold at auction or will my heirs fight over it? Many people do not care to talk about these questions. It is almost taboo for an outsider to try to talk with many collectors about. There is the feeling with many that 'nothing is going to happen to me,' or, 'it will take care of itself,' or, 'we'll do it tomorrow.'

In truth, most collectors have spent a lifetime gathering for their enjoyment and it means very little to someone else, except for the dollars it represents.

Let's take a look at the many things to consider in handling a collection upon someone's demise.

Talk Time. Gather all of your immediate family around and discuss your collection. For what purpose did you put the collection together? To preserve some of the past! You just like old stuff! Invested for retirement! For your children's education, or maybe to donate to a museum.

What are your family's thoughts as to your collection? Will they carry on with it? Sell it, or just don't care? After discussing it a decision can be made, mutually, as to the disposition of your collection upon your demise.