... What Got You Interested?

| June/July 2004

  • Blow Smoke

  • Blow Smoke


I was thinking it would be nice to read about what got people interested in old iron? I'll post my story later on. Mac 

When I was about 10, I helped my friend and his stepdad on a farm where they used a John Deere Styled B. They took me to Rough & Tumble, and I was hooked!  Mike 

I got into old iron because of my son. We were at an engine and tractor show near Pittsburgh, Pa., several years ago. My cousin had some engines at the show, and my son spent many hours starting and stopping a little Maytag. By the end of the show, my father had bought my son one Briggs engine, and I bought him another. The following spring, we went to a 4-H small-engine class that met once a week for six weeks. We got one of the engines running at the class and were hooked.

As a result of continued involvement in the 4-H small-engine program, my son has won several 4-H county fair small-engine trophies, including the Maryland state fair junior, intermediate and senior state championships, and placed fifth at the national 4-H engineering competition.

We now attend 15-18 engine shows a year. Unfortunately, my son goes away to college this fall, so I'll just have to carry on by myself. We've made many good friends on the engine show circuit. Leonard 

I was always attracted to the old flywheel engines because they looked so 'antique.' I wasted a few years playing with old cars - too much expense and too hard to store. The best part of this hobby is the people you meet. There are more friendly folks than you meet in the auto crowd. George